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One Day, One Dayton

One Day, One Dayton

Eric F. Spina April 16, 2019

Calling 1,850 (and more) Dayton Flyers! I’m joining Flyers from around the globe April 10 when we stand up in support of the University of Dayton and our students to be counted during One Day, One Dayton.

It’s our first giving day — and the start of what we hope will become a fun Flyer tradition. We will bring champions together on campus, in alumni communities and through social media (#1Day1Dayton) over 24 hours for one express purpose — to show our love, loyalty and support for our great University. (See this story.)

Why 1,850? That’s the year four intrepid Marianists bought Dewberry Farm and transformed it into a school for primary boys — the roots for the blossoming of a major Catholic university.

Your support matters today more than ever as we strive to make UD a more accessible, affordable, inclusive campus. This place changed your life, and now you have the opportunity to provide a new generation of students with that same magical, transformative experience.

When I take in the breathtaking beauty of the sun peeking over the chapel as I walk to my office in the mornings, I sometimes pause and imagine what could be. I envision a future where every talented student who desires a University of Dayton degree can pursue it — without worrying about debt. I have faith that will happen.

It may come as a surprise that nearly 90 percent of all private support to UD comes from individual gifts under $1,000, validating that every gift of any size adds to the value of a UD degree. And every gift gives a boost to the momentum that is carrying our beloved University to a remarkable future — one where we open our doors to all talented students who can contribute to the excellence of UD and ensure that the experience they gain in and out of the classroom is second to none.

On April 10, please consider a gift as a tangible sign of your love for UD. The size of the donation doesn’t matter. It could be the cost of a cappuccino or a pizza.

You can direct your gift for any use — scholarships, well-loved traditions like Christmas on Campus, an academic program that prepared you for life, or a study-abroad trip that opened your eyes and hearts to the world, to name just a few examples.

All that matters is that you stand up and let your voice be heard as we rally Flyers around the world in an enthusiastic show of love for the red and blue. To participate, visit your.udayton.edu/GivingDay.

One day. One Dayton. One community. 

Who’s in?