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5K from 2629K for giving day

5K from 2629K for giving day

Michelle Tedford April 10, 2019

When Flyers flock together, they can do amazing things.

But Jon Boyer found himself a bit isolated from Flyer Nation on this inaugural giving day, known as One Day, One Dayton. He wanted to join the campus 5K run —  but would have had to complete 2.5 million steps just to get to the starting line.

5K runners on giving day
Rudy leads the pack during the One Day, One Dayton 5K on campus April 10. 


“A small team of us working for UD Research Institute are stationed at Hill Air Force Base, Utah,” he said. “One of my co-workers and I have run together over the last eight years, and wanted to participate as part of Flyer Nation, but had to be a little creative given our geographical constraints.”

Boyer and Bart Peterson, who have worked together for 13 years, set off this morning on their own 5K that follows the course of the annual July Fourth Freedom Run in Centerville, Utah. Boyer said he considers himself a casual runner — a few 5Ks a year, plus some half marathons as part of 12-man relay covering 200 miles.

bart and boyer
Jon Boyer (right) and Bart Peterson ready to run in their #1Day1Dayton T-shirts, which UD sent them  for the occasion of their own Flyer 5K run. 


“I recently had shoulder surgery — am still out on medical leave, in fact — and had been working hard to get more fit since last summer,” he said. “The 5K came along at a perfect time to give my motivation a boost.”

Boyer is also participating by giving back to his employer, joining the already 1,224 donors (as of 9:52 a.m. EDT) who are turning their passions into support for everyday students. His gift supports the Student Crisis Fund, which assists students in an emergency or unexpected tragedy situation.

map fo the Utah 5K
Their route


Each Flyer family member has a different answer to the question, “What does One Day, One Dayton mean to you?” Even though he’s 1,600 miles from campus, Boyer said his reason is fundamental to the University: “Coming together to celebrate the community that UD has created.”

From an interview by Natalie Schulte ’21.

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