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Temple University has school pep, school spirit

Temple University has school pep, school spirit

Anna Lagattuta ’19 March 20, 2019

UD Arena was packed with cheering fans Tuesday night to kick off the NCAA First Four, and the Temple University pep band was feeding off the excitement.

“There’s usually not many fans so we have to be loud enough to make up for it. It’s always nice to be somewhere with high energy like this,” said Yamuara Ramirez, a senior who has been playing trumpet with the band for two years.

Ramirez stood in the front row behind the Temple cheer squad, a bright red cherry painted on her cheek and one hand holding tightly to her trumpet. Although she has been traveling with the team for over three weeks, she is still full of school spirit.

“I am doing what I love. Marching band has really changed my college experience,” she said.

Ramirez is not the only who feels that way.

“I don’t get to travel so much, so marching band is a great way to see new places. We get to meet different band members and we know the team appreciates us being here,” junior Sam Jennings said.

This is the first year the Owls have been in the NCAA tournament since the 2015-16 season. The band members were hoping the Temple Owls would beat the Belmont Bruins so they could face the Maryland Terrapins in Jacksonville.

“We would fly straight to Jacksonville, Florida at 2 a.m. to play again tomorrow afternoon. It’s crazy — but that’s why they call it March Madness!” Jennings said.

Temple lost 81-70, but the band members made memories they won’t soon forget.