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First time at First Four

First time at First Four

Rose Rucoba ’19 March 19, 2019

Among a crowd of families, UD students, Dayton residents and visiting fans at the #FirstFour open practice on Monday night, one duo stuck out.

 Dayton resident, Vivian Simms, was seen dancing along with her great-grandson, Marquese Williams, 4, to the music being played in the arena.

 It was their first time at the #FirstFour open practice.

 “I wanted to come to the First Four. I heard about it last year that it was free the first day, so I put it on my calendar and made sure I came here,” Simms said.

 Simms explained that her love for basketball comes from one of her grandsons who plays for the Wayne High School Warriors varsity basketball team in Huber Heights, Ohio.

 “He couldn’t come because he had practice today, but he’s 14 and his team has won the championships in seventh grade and eighth grade,” Simms said.

 As for Williams, his smile was a dead giveaway of the good time he was having. The four-year-old was sporting a #FirstFour T-shirt and seemed to pay attention to the teams that were practicing.

 When asked if he was having fun, Williams grinned and replied, “Yeah!”

 Simms said that her great-grandson couldn’t come to the #FirstFour the rest of the week, but that she hopes to bring him again next year.