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Many firsts in First Four

Many firsts in First Four

Danielle Damon ’18 March 20, 2019

This year marks the 18th consecutive year for the NCAA to tip off March Madness at UD Arena. Although in those 18 years there have been many #FirstFour games, each year brings more firsts than you think.

Some firsts are the results of games.

“Tonight we made history,” said Greg Herenda, Fairleigh Dickinson University head coach. “It’s the first time in the 75-year history of Fairleigh Dickinson that we’ve won an NCAA Tournament game.”

First Four at UD Arena by Kristin DavisLast time FDU was in Dayton they found themselves losing a First Four game by over 30 points. The freshmen who were on that team in 2016 are now the seniors — who beat Prairie View A&M last night 82-76.

FDU guard Darnell Edge is one of those seniors.

“It was just a great feeling for me, being here three years ago and losing by over 30 points," Edge said. "And then coming back this year and being able to get a win. It’s a great feeling. It’s history.”

Other firsts happen behind the scenes.

For Temple University senior Carli Showmaker, a double major in advertising and media studies and production, taking photographs of her team for campus news outlets was something she had dreamed of doing.

“My freshman year was the last time we made a tournament, and now I’m here as a senior with the media,” she said. “This was one of my goals freshman year, and now I’m here. It’s really special to be here.”

So whether it's on the court in a uniform or wearing a press credential that allows a student to document the game through a lens, it really is true, #NCAAMarchMadness brings more firsts than you think. And UD is proud to be here for them all.

The First Four continues tonight at UD Arena with North Carolina Central vs. North Dakota State at 6:30 p.m., followed by St. John’s vs. Arizona State at 9 p.m. What other firsts will the remaining opening rounds bring?