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One Dayton, Generations of Flyers

One Dayton, Generations of Flyers

Kendra Zonca ’20 January 22, 2019
Students share what makes UD special to them as they prepare to help with UD's inaugural giving day, April 10, "1Day1Dayton."

As senior Kiley Tempert is racing toward her one big day — graduation day, May 12 — she’s reflecting on all that’s gotten her this far. She calls it her “one Dayton” experience — something she said that could only happen at this place but is timeless among generations of Flyers.

Kiley TempertTempert has been on the women’s rowing team, served as an executive officer in the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi and worked for Flyer Enterprises. As a student ambassador in the Office of Admission, she frequently speaks of her love for UD and all of the amazing support students have inside and outside of the classroom.

And she’s feeling thankful.

“I felt as though the day of giving was a tangible way to show my love and appreciation to such a phenomenal institution,” Tempert said.

During UD's first giving day, April 10, Tempert will help rally the greater Flyer community and celebrate the impact collective support has on the University. From students to parents, faculty to staff, alumni and friends of UD, anyone can participate in the University’s first single day of giving. The theme of the day, which has a strong social media component, is #1Day1Dayton.

Danielle LewisDanielle Lewis, a sophomore, is excited to take the lead in showing Flyer pride.

“I am a student leader [for giving day], so my role involves social media marketing and making sure I help others fully understand what the day will entail,” she said.

As social media ambassadors and peer-to-peer ambassadors, UD students will build excitement, encourage giving and spread good news to the entire community. The goal is to attract 1,850 donors during #1Day1Dayton.

The University is seeking more volunteers, including alumni, to engage as peer-to-peer ambassadors and social media ambassadors for #1Day1Dayton.

Olivia Jez-BeldenJunior Olivia Jez-Belden said she was able to travel to India for a cultural immersion thanks to the Terrence J. and Carol W. Miller Scholarship. The impact of this gift, she said, helped her understand the importance of #1Day1Dayton.

“The University of Dayton is a university like no other, and I believe everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of this community,” she said. “For many students, however, the only thing holding them back from coming here is financial difficulties. I cannot imagine myself at any other university, and I am beyond grateful to donors that have made this possible for me.”

While Jez-Belden said she is excited to reach out to the entire Flyer community for #1Dayton1Dayton, she knows alumni will feel a special connection to the effort.

“Alumni know how life-changing their four years attending the University of Dayton were, and now they have the opportunity to provide students with that same life-changing experience,” Jez-Belden said.