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Now ReadSeeHear This: Rambler

Now ReadSeeHear This: Rambler

Gita Balakrishnan December 17, 2018

Rambler: A family pushes through the fog of mental illness

by Linda Kerber Schmitmeyer ’72

Book cover, RamblerRambler takes readers through the turmoil of mental illness. Linda Schmitmeyer’s husband, Steve, is initially diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but his health continues to spiral downward. Her book outlines the challenges faced by Steve, her three children and herself as the family deals with the confusing first days of Steve’s illness, to the spontaneous and erratic behavior that ensues. Schmitmeyer approaches her husband’s illness with thoughtful honesty, tackling head-on the difficulties of understanding and coping with mental health issues and showing how a family can triumph through even the most difficult of times.

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