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Lessons Learned: 1969

Lessons Learned: 1969

Our Alumni December 02, 2018
Wit and wisdom from our alumnus from the Class of 1969.

Class of 1969

Bill Wodrich
Retired Banker, Frenchtown, Montana

Write down everything you do in a day. Then cross out everything you didn’t like to do. Then look at your list again. That’s what you should do tomorrow.

Bill Wodrich ’69Aging is just a state of mind. I’m 71, but I’m a self-dyslexic, so therefore I’m 17. I’m not aging, but I guess I should be.

A perfect day is one where you see God’s work everywhere. Is heaven real? Absolutely. There’s no way it can’t be. That’s why we’re all here.

Go back to that chapel every now and then and talk to God. You probably won’t hear him, but he’ll put good thoughts in your head.

UD gave me so many different gifts that I live with today. Caring about people. Believing in God. Everyone needs some private time. You need to respect people’s feelings. You may think one way, but they’re entitled to think another way. And sometimes a third thought comes out of two people.

Something about me that would surprise people? Every Christmas, I become Santa — predominately for nursing homes. You see the joy in their faces. Right now, I’m in the middle of a natural white beard.

There’s no one who is going to guarantee your success but you.

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