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No debate — this is where I belong

No debate — this is where I belong

Danielle Damon ’18 September 20, 2018

Basketball lover? Follower of politics? Me? Never — that was until I joined the University of Dayton Magazine staff as a student writer in July 2016.

I am now the proud holder of press credentials to the NCAA First Four tournaments and the first 2018 Ohio gubernatorial debate, held last night on the University of Dayton campus. The UD Magazine gave me the opportunity to do both, so here I am writing to you today with a few new titles to my credit: UD Magazine graduate assistant, basketball fan and informed Ohio voter.

I remember it so clearly: With pounding heart and sweating palms, I walked in to cover my first event for the magazine. However, yesterday, walking into Daniel J. Curran Place for the debate between between Democratic nominee Richard Cordray and Republican nominee and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, I felt different. I felt like I belonged.

My UD communication classes taught me how to take notes, conduct interviews and write in AP Style, but it has been my supplemental learning experience at the UD Magazine that taught me how to apply these skills and prepared me to sit amongst the full-time reporters in the press room.

My learning experience at UD, however, is not unique. UD is dedicated to having students from all years and majors included in these special opportunities. From UD Information Technology students coordinating IT to Flyer TV students running the debate clocks to UD students submitting questions for the nominees, the University ensures students are involved everywhere they can be.

And although UD has a way of making everyone feel at home, I have a few extra tips to keep students with jitters (like me) at ease during these large-scale events:
Get there early to familiarize yourself with the event layout.
Eat some complimentary food.
Introduce yourself to that new face.
-Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
-And always, always eat that second cookie.

Thanks, UD, for supporting students’ passions like mine inside and outside of the classroom.