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A celebration of diversity

A celebration of diversity

Anna Lagattuta ’19 September 26, 2018

The aromas of grilled chicken, sugary churros and freshly baked pita bread drew students to the Central Mall Sept. 9 as UD’s annual Culturefest took place.

Celebrating the University’s long-held commitment to diversity and inclusion, the event highlights food, music and cultural performances from around the globe.

First-year students Zinaejah Ozier and Charlotte Nkong stood at a table taking in their first ever Culturefest.

1809_culturefest1_img.jpg“I’m from Cameroon, so sometimes I don’t want things like burgers, fries or chicken nuggets. This festival is like a taste of home for me,” Nkong said.

Students gathered around the stage to listen to the World Music Choir perform songs from around the world, including a traditional song from Ghana that director Sharon Gratto called a representation of “the virtues of love and care, whether in good times or bad.”

Mia Palmer is a senior international business major who has been attending the festival for the past four years.

“I LOVE Culturefest. I used to Irish dance, so I like to see what creative footwork they add to their performance each year. So many people show up every year, you get to taste tons of different foods and it gives students a chance to celebrate different cultures present at UD,” Palmer said.

The festival was made a success thanks to the collaboration from a number of UD organizations, including the Center for Student Involvement, Student Government Association, the Hanley Sustainability Institute and UD Dining Services, among others.

Student emcees capped off the event with a Puerto Rican tradition, inviting the crowd to join them on the stage for a round of salsa dancing and passing out one more stack of free Culturefest T-shirts.