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Pick a club, any club

Pick a club, any club

Lilia Sciarretti ’19 August 27, 2018

On Friday, August 24, students breathed a sigh of relief for finally completing their first week of classes as The Center for Student Involvement hosted their annual Up the Orgs event held in Central Mall.

Accompanied by the sunshine, students gathered around their colorfully decorated tables to represent the organization they were promoting.1808_uptheorgs_img.jpg

With 257 student organizations, ranging from Greek Life to club sports, and off campus vendors like Aveda and Skyline Chili, Up the Orgs provides a wide variety of opportunities reaching the interest of any student.

By coming to Up the Orgs “They [students] get to meet new people they wouldn’t normally meet. They also get to broaden their horizons and become a more well rounded person,” said Kayla Schneider ’18, a senior marketing major running the Love Your Melon table.

Not only is Up the Orgs a great opportunity to meet up with group members after the long summer break, but is also promoted for to first year students as a way to get to know people on campus.

Maria Difranco ’22, an early childhood education major living in Marycrest said, “I know I want to get involved in the Dayton community so I had to come to Up the Orgs. I just signed up for Pro Life Club and now I’m looking for the Drama Club.”