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SIG zone during Reunion Weekend 2018

SIG zone during Reunion Weekend 2018

Matt Trybus ’19 June 11, 2018

The June sun beat down on UD’s campus during Reunion Weekend 2018, but that did not stop a number of alumni from gathering on Central Mall at the special interest group tent to meet with the organizations they participated in while as students on campus.

Alumni Weekend participantsMultiple fraternities, including Delta Tau Nu, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Sigma Phi Epsilon, all gathered to reunite with fellow alumni. Thomas Merkle ’64 of Delta Tau Nu recalled memories of campus shenanigans and general enjoyment of campus life: “I enjoyed my time here and did not want to leave.”

The event was not just limited to Greek life, however. Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service Learning (ETHOS) attended to promote their cause of using their engineering skills for humanitarian purposes. Visitors to the table discussed a potential trip to Guatemala should Mount Fuego, an active volcano in the region, dissipate.

Other groups present included the Black Alumni Affinity group, the rugby team and Theta Phi Alpha.

What was clear was that alumni who were involved in a special interest group during their years at the University have maintained strong friendships and ties to campus.

Even 50 years later, Merkle says he has gotten together with his fraternity brothers since 2009 every two years and plans to, as he says, “for as long as I can.”