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Jeaneen Parsons May 23, 2018

A Chronological Commentary of Revelation

Barry Dysert ’85

Many people find the book of Revelation to be the most mysterious in the Bible. A Chronological Commentary of Revelation reorganizes the biblical text and makes it easy to read from beginning to end, almost like a story. “I’ve been studying and teaching Revelation for most of my life,” Dysert said. “I came up with the idea of teaching it in chronological order as a tool to use during the classes I teach.” Approached from a literal point of view, the book abounds with Scriptural references so that the reader can look up for himself or herself how Revelation can be interpreted. The book was published in April 2017 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing.

The Unbeaten Path

Sean Sechrist ’12

When minoring in entrepreneurship at UD, Sechrist knew he eventually wanted to apply what he’d learned and strike out on his own. A post-graduation move to Chicago after landing a dream job in the corporate world deferred that plan. The work wasn’t fulfilling, and Sechrist decided to make a change. Last October he started an online podcast business called the Unbeaten Path. The site features interviews with individuals who have created the life they want on their own terms. “This includes dream chasers, entrepreneurs, people pursuing a life of personal fulfillment and success over status or money, and everything in between,” Sechrist said. “It is based on my belief that if you desire to experience personal success and true fulfillment in your life, then take action toward the life you want and not the life others expect you to live is key.” The show debuted in the top 20 on the careers chart and top 50 in the overall business chart on iTunes. Check it out at www.ubpath.com.

A Barefoot Boy in the Mango Tree: A Memoir of Maui and Me

Wayne Moniz ’68

Barefoot Boy is the memoir of Maui-born author and playwright Wayne Moniz from 1945 to the present. Moniz takes readers on a sentimental journey as his idyllic home transforms from a simple, uncomplicated island to the tourist mecca that it is today. It mirrors the transformation of how an unassuming island boy morphed into a complex and respected author, playwright and teacher. Moniz is a holder of the Cades Award, Hawaii’s most honored writing prize, for his body of work. Barefoot Boy was self-published in May 2017.