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Alumni Community Profile: Orange County

Alumni Community Profile: Orange County

Gita Balakrishnan March 12, 2018

The relatively new Orange County, California, chapter is driven by service first, which is where the largest participation of alumni always occurs.  The OC community volunteers with Second Harvest, a food bank, packing thousands of meals for homeless shelters throughout the area. The community also works with the Village of Hope, which shelters homeless families. Orange County is home to touristattractions such as Anaheim and Disneyland.  Not to be outdone by the inland activities, the Southern California coastline adds to quality of life through boating and other wa
ter activities, which
even includes whale watching.

1803_rudymickey_img.jpgWe asked a few alumni in the area:
If Rudy Flyer could choose one Disney character as his sidekick, who would it be and why?
"Buzz Lightyear, because they’d be able to fly around all day and hang out on porches all night!" —Mike Lamorgese ’14
"I think Rudy Flyer would pick Tinkerbell as his sidekick. She and Rudy share a love of flying; she is capable of supporting both Peter Pan and Rudy; and we could use some pixie dust to continue our postseason appearances." —Steve Tomassi ’74
"I would say that Rudy would probably choose both Peter Pan and Aladdin for wingmen, primarily for their gravity-defeating abilities. Rudy’s relentless enthusiasm would be coupled greatly by Peter Pan’s curiosity and interest in mischief, as well as enhanced by the adventure-searching yet grounded diamond-in-the-rough qualities of Aladdin. No matter what adventures they may face as a team, it would be a fun trio to see in action." —Stephanie Grant ’01
Alumni by the numbers
Total Alumni 453
Single 149
Married 271
Flyer Fusions 47
Graduation classes
All 1930s-2010s
Most 1970s with 119
Academic areas
Arts & Sciences 136
Engineering 126
Business 109
Education & Health Sciences 68
Law 14