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Alumni Community Profile: Raleigh/Durham

Alumni Community Profile: Raleigh/Durham

Gita Balakrishnan February 28, 2018

Alumni who live in the Raleigh/Durham community can boast about living near one of the world’s greatest technological research parks, known as Research Triangle, where multibillion-dollar companies such as Lenovo and Cisco maintain headquarters.

The area is also home to Duke University, University of North Carolina and North Carolina State. Raleigh is known as the City of Oaks, and the area has three wineries, two distilleries and 21 craft breweries. For its Christmas off Campus event, the group volunteered with Clubs in the City Urban Youth Development, where they provided lunch for at-risk youth, decorated the cafeteria and set up a new basketball rim.

1802_rudy-triangle-color-1_img.jpgWe asked a few alumni in the area:

What do you like best about living in Raleigh/Durham?

“Three primary things. First and foremost, the people who live in North Carolina are absolutely the nicest people you could meet. Secondly, it’s a great place to raise kids. And lastly, Raleigh is located two hours from the beach and two hours from the mountains. Great place to get outside and stay active.” —Bob Glaser ’83

“I had the chance to live in other cities prior to moving to Raleigh, but none of them compare when it comes to beauty, hospitality, opportunity and growth. It’s like you get all the best qualities of the East, Midwest and South regions combined. Plus, Raleigh still manages to maintain its small-town feel even though it’s rapidly growing. I think that is one thing that Raleigh natives really cherish.” —Ben Inkrott ’13

“Its location. It’s almost exactly in the middle between the mountains in the west and the beach to the east. It’s warmer than Ohio in winter. Also, you get to see three great college basketball teams, a Class AAA baseball team and an NHL hockey team.” —Brian Rapp ’76

“My two favorite parts about living in the Raleigh/Durham area are the college rivalry among NC State, Duke and Carolina, and the ability to get to the beach in two hours. I grew up with constant chatter about the ‘Tobacco Road’ showdown between Duke and Carolina, and it makes for a great game watch! Also, going to school in Ohio taught me not to take this quick two-hour drive to the beach for granted.” —Danielle Glaser ’12

Alumni  By the Numbers

Total Alumni 578

Single 173

Married 377

Flyer Fusions 112

Graduation Classes

All 1930s-2010s

Most 1990s with 143

Academic Area

Arts & Sciences 263

Business 110

Engineering 97

Education & Health Sciences 86

Law 22