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The traveling scarf

The traveling scarf

Julia Hall ’18 February 22, 2017

The purple and gold threads weave together both the fabric of a traveling scarf and the women on UD’s campus. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf is in full swing this spring semester — taking place from Feb. 13-March 30.

The University of Dayton’s Women’s Center modeled the event after The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie and novel.  The office hopes that the exchanges will foster a closeness and connectedness with women on campus.

“It is almost like despite that we all have these differences there is something that connects us even if it is as simple as a piece of fabric,” Margaret Murray, the Women’s Center program coordinator, said.

Participants are encouraged to schedule the exchange of the scarf over a cup of coffee or with a simple smile.

Lisa Rismiller, a past director of the Women’s Center and current associate secretary of the board of trustees, and senior psychology major Nichole Hamburg exchanged the scarf and shared personal stories during their meeting.

Hamberg said the garment exchange was perfect for women.

“I just think we like to trade clothes a lot,” Hamburg said. “We do not care about ownership. We just care about sharing it.”

After the hand off, participants are urged to write short reflections regarding their “scarf day” experience.

Christina Smith, director of Residence Life, exchanged the scarf over lunch with first-year business major Jennifer Conrad where they discussed the life and experiences of the scarf.

Smith could only imagine the stories that would pour out as she pondered out loud the possibility, “If the scarf could talk, right?”