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NYC trip helps launch student careers

NYC trip helps launch student careers

Courtney Mocklow ’17 February 14, 2017

For many of the students who attended, the art and design department’s trip to New York City this past October wasn’t just a chance to tour art studios and museums – it was an opportunity to investigate a possible career.

“As a New Yorker from Long Island, I plan on moving back home after graduation and pursuing a graphic design career in New York City,” said Jackie Meares ’17. “I went on the trip to get a preview of what it will be like to work in the graphic design industry in Manhattan.”

For one student in particular, the dream has become a reality. Danny Martin, who graduated in December, landed a New York City summer internship after touring one of the downtown studios during the fall trip.

“Our last visit was to a design firm called SpotCo, which does the designs for a ton of Broadway posters,” Martin said. “I ended up interning there the summer after my junior year, and it launched my career. I’m working at Disney now, and that happened just because I decided to go to NYC.”

Jeffrey Jones, a professor in the Department of Art and Design, started the trip eight years ago. Over the years, his students have been welcomed by several big names including Hugo McCloud, Cordy Ryman and Mark Zimmermann.

Jayne Whitaker, another professor in the art and design department, started accompanying Jones and the students on the trip six years ago, helping schedule tours at various studios, galleries and museums throughout the city.

“We set up visits with fine artists, photographers, ad agencies and design firms so that the students can meet an artist and hear about their work and processes,” Whitaker said. “It’s a great opportunity for the students to learn.”

These tours and visits proved invaluable for the students. Megan Bollheimer ’17 was one such attendee grateful for the chance to meet professional artists and learn about their work.

“As a young designer, it’s helpful to see how a designer or artist works and to understand their design process,” Bollheimer said. “These designers were once just like me in their undergrad studies, which is a great reminder to always hustle and do good work. It’ll get you far.”