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New sorority on campus

New sorority on campus

Danielle Damon ’18 February 20, 2017

At UD the names of seven sororities buzz around campus. However this semester after an eight-year hiatus, Sigma Kappa Sorority will return to become the eighth chapter on UD’s campus. 1702_sigmakappa_img.jpg
From 1996-2004 the Kappa Gamma chapter of Sigma Kappa was active at UD before leaving due to low membership.

“Unfortunately, the chapter membership never flourished,” said Melinda Mettler, director of extension at Sigma Kappa Sorority national headquarters. “In 2004, the tough decision was made to assume dormant status in hopes of returning to the University of Dayton when the time was right.”

Mettler believes it is now the time for Sigma Kappa to re-establish its partnership with UD.

“I see a lot of parallels between Sigma Kappa and UD,” said Dana Finley, a senior leadership consultant for Sigma Kappa. “I really resonate with the sense of authenticity here . . . I think the type of people at UD are friendly and welcoming and I see us as a good fit for this campus because of that.”

Sigma Kappa will offer a different type of Greek life experience to UD women by allowing members to have leadership roles right away and to start their own philanthropy event on campus involving their national partner, the Alzheimer’s Association.

Since UD’s formal recruitment process ended Feb. 3, a total of 988 women at UD wear Greek letters.

Sigma Kappa looks forward to seeing the number of Greek women at UD grow and is hosting its own recruitment process Feb. 22-26.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about or joining Sigma Kappa at UD can follow SKDayton on social media, visit www.lovesigmakappa.com or e-mail dayton@sigmakappa.org.