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Father Chaminade Mass celebration

Father Chaminade Mass celebration

Erin Frey ’18 January 30, 2017

In the midst of the French Revolution, the Blessed William Joseph Chaminade stood in solidarity with those being persecuted and proclaimed that his politics were the politics of Mother Mary. As a Roman Catholic priest in 1790, Chaminade opposed the secularization of the clergy. He vowed to love the Son and have unwavering faith. His mission gave rise to the Marianist family.

On Monday, Jan. 23, the University community gathered to recognize and honor the death anniversary of Father Chaminade. President Eric Spina, along with faculty, staff, community members and students, sang songs dedicated to Mary and later listened to stories about her victorious spirit.


The Gospel of John demonstrated Jesus’ ability to perform miracles. In 2:1-11, Jesus attends a wedding where the wine runs out. When Mary comes to Jesus, he tells her to have faith.  With unwavering trust, she tells the disciples, “Do whatever he tells you.” Mary never lost faith in Jesus, and neither did Chaminade, a lesson instructive for today's students.

Senior Tommy Tappel is a member of the Chaminade Scholars program, which educates students to grow in their faith and understanding of what they are called to do. “The Chaminade Scholars take after Father Chaminade's desire to follow in Mary's 'yes' to God's call to vocation,” he said.

The Mass closed with “Go to the World,” a song that proclaims, “Go struggle, bless and pray; The nights of tears give way to joyful day.” Chaminade reminds us to look to Mary when we are weary and follow his call to live as Jesus did.