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Igniting Innovation

We Explore Ideas In Every Direction

At the University of Dayton, our focus isn’t on innovating products. It’s on innovating people.

Here, we encourage students, faculty and staff to think broadly — teaching, learning and researching at the intersections of their disciplines. We work through challenges that do not have absolute answers, and we learn failure can be positive. Together we struggle, persist and grow.

For us, it’s not just about new ideas. It’s about inspiring new ways of thinking. It’s about developing solutions that make a positive impact. It’s about making connections across disciplines and in our community. It’s about continuing to learn and explore outside the classroom walls — and after the semester ends.

Our goal? To prepare the next generation of the workforce: creative, adaptive, collaborative thinkers who have learned how to both fail and rebound from failure.

Developing Creative Confidence

Freedom Brace LLC

After developing a leg brace for children with cerebral palsy in his first-year engineering class, Spencer Janning obtained seed money, prototyped his device, gained business mentoring and received legal support for the device — all on campus.

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Handy Hats

Danielle Ruffolo was not expecting to start her own business as a sophomore in college. But an idea for an entrepreneurship class project led her to a patent — and to launching her very own company. Now a senior, she's working on her business full-time.

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Innovation Ecosystem

Access and Affordability

Across four initiatives to expand access and affordability, we’ve seen increased retention rates, graduation rates and enrollment of underrepresented students. Student loan debt has also decreased.

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From inventing a computer chip that can think for itself to helping to power the Mars 2020 rover, we develop real solutions that have a real impact on society. It’s why we’re No. 1 in the nation for materials R&D.

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Our approach to partnering with industry – from start-ups to nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies – has led to new innovations, patents and processes, not to mention real-world experience for students and benefits to the local economy.

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Student Development

National and international organizations recently recognized our Division of Student Development for its innovative approaches to community policing, alcohol prevention, and residential learning and student training programs.

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