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Behind the Numbers

Tuition 101: A Short Course on College Pricing

Tuition finances just a portion of the University of Dayton experience. In this three-part video series, discover the full picture of funding a UD education.

Tuition 101 series

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Tuition vs. Net Price

    When first looking at the cost of a college education, many people encounter some initial sticker shock. Take a look beyond the numbers to see how we bring the full experience of a UD education within reach for more students.

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    Why is college so expensive?

    The University of Dayton is so much more than classrooms and professors. UD is an intentional learning community, from our unique student neighborhood to hands-on learning experiences for every student so every Flyer is day one ready to make a difference in their future communities.

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    Will my gift make a difference?

    The short answer? Yes! Every gift is a vote of confidence for UD that influences major donors, corporations and private foundations. Whether you give to the UD general fund or a program important to you, a community of gifts adds up. Last year, nearly 70% of gifts were less than $100, but all giving reached nearly $900,000.

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