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Where Theory Meets Practice

Here, we know that good business does more than make money. It drives innovation. It creates new opportunities. And it even helps solve the world's most pressing problems.

As a UD entrepreneurship major, you'll learn to launch and sustain a business. But this program does not simply talk theory; it involves real decisions and action. During the Sophomore Experience, you will create and run a microbusiness with $5,000 in start-up capital. More than $50,000 in venture capital is provided annually to launch these businesses, and you will receive support from the Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership as you move your business from the red to the black. In your senior seminar, you'll either write a complete business plan for your future company or solve a problem for an existing entrepreneurial business.

It’s not an easy major. But neither is being an entrepreneur.

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A High-Quality Education

  • Sophomore Experience
  • Flyer Enterprises
  • Flyer Pitch
  • Handy Hats

    Danielle Ruffolo was not expecting to start her own business as a sophomore in college. But a class project turned into an opportunity.

    Become a CEO Before You Graduate

    With Flyer Enterprises, the fastest-growing and fourth-largest student-run business in the nation, employees learn to lead on the job, running a business as they earn their bachelor’s degree. Work your way up the corporate ladder, from a barista at the Blend to CEO of Flyer Enterprises, where you’ll oversee more than 200 employees, 10 divisions and more than $1.2 million in annual revenue

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    Just Pitch It

    Held annually, the Flyer Pitch competition is one of the largest collegiate-level business plan contests in the nation. Its three events - elevator pitch, cameo round and final round - award more than $70,000 in cash prizes and $50,000 in in-kind prizes. More than 36 new ventures have been launched as a result of the competition, and they have raised $171 million in capital.

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    Featured Programs and Initiatives

    Flyer Consulting

    This student-run organization applies their skills and knowledge to help nonprofits around the world solve business challenges.

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    Flyer Angels

    Flyer Angels makes targeted angel investments in Ohio-based, high-tech startups. Our program is one of 10 nationwide that permits undergrads to make angel investments.

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    Crotty Center

    Through the Crotty Center, students can start micro-businesses, interact with successful entrepreneurs, and pursue entrepreneurship for the common good.

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    Everest Real Estate Challenge

    In this competition, interdisciplinary teams analyze real-world real estate challenges and develop recommendations for moving forward.

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