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Vocation Mini-Grants

Applying for A Vocation Mini-Grant

The Vocation Implementation Team invites students, faculty, and staff to apply for mini-grants up to $3,000 to support the design and development of programs, activities, and events both inside and beyond the classroom that offer students opportunities to explore, discern and act on their vocations. Funding for mini grants is made possible through a NetVUE Vocation across the Academy Grant with support by the Council of Independent Colleges and Lilly Endowment Inc.

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis for Fall 2020 and/or Spring 2021 vocation programs, events, or activities; for more information, please see the Vocation Mini Grants RFP.

The Vocation Implementation Team at the University of Dayton invites students, faculty, and staff to apply for mini-grants up to $3000 to support the design and development of programs, activities, and events both inside and beyond the classroom that offer students opportunities to explore, discern and act on their vocations. Vocation may be defined as follows: Answering a call to discover one’s unique gifts and employ them in service for the common good in ways that are personally satisfying and bring meaning to one’s life. Vocation is central to our institutional mission and our call for UD to become the "University for the Common Good" by preparing students to positively impact the world through servant-leadership.

Grants may be used by students, faculty, and staff to develop creative approaches to supporting students’ vocational exploration and discernment. Preference will be given to classroom activities or experiential programs and events that engage students in one or more of the following ways:

  • Discussing their vocation and calling openly
  • Identifying and reflecting on their unique, defining gifts, talents, skills, interests, and experiences;
  • Articulating who they are and how they can serve others in community
  • Examining activities that bring meaning and joy to their life;
  • Questioning their life’s meaning and purpose;
  • Deepening their relationship with God through a journey of self-discovery and response;
  • Learning and practicing the skills of effective discernment in the context of community;
  • Reflecting on their responsibilities toward others;
  • Analyzing how interactions with employers, mentors and wisdom figures impact career choice and vocational discernment;
  • Exploring the vocational implications of their education, professional training, and employment opportunities;
  • Preparing themselves for a lifetime of vocational exploration.


Grant recipients will be asked to:  

  1. Share the highlights and outcomes of the activity/project/program with the broader UD community at an event organized by the Vocation mini-grant committee
  2. Submit a brief reflection report on the highlights and outcomes of the project to be shared on the Vocation website 
  3. Submit a budget/expense report

University of Dayton faculty (tenured, tenure-track, non-tenure track and adjunct faculty at all ranks and in all departments including lecturers), staff (exempt and non exempt) and students.  

Examples of programs, activities and events eligible for funding:

  • The thoughtful exploration/ integration of vocation into a new or existing course, including necessary materials and supplies
  • An experiential learning activity connected to vocation that engages students, faculty, and/or staff in hands-on learning, inside or beyond the classroom
  • Workshops or short retreats that guide or engage participants in a process of vocational discernment 
  • Mini-conferences or forums that bring people together to dialogue about topics of vocation
  • Creative projects such as short documentaries, performance art, or visual art that examine vocation from different perspectives
  • Research and scholarship on vocation, such as research exploring the multi-cultural dimensions and challenges of vocation work

Mini grant funds may NOT be used for:

  • Ongoing fac/staff costs that the institution is already providing
  • Capital expenditures, including major equipment purchases
  • Direct fundraising expenses
  • Indirect or overhead costs
  • Bringing in NetVUE campus consultants or campus visits (there is a separate process for that)
  • Costs related to attending NetVUE gatherings and conferences
  • Individual expenses (such as travel or conference fees) unless clearly tied to wider implementation as a result

Submit applications through this Google Form. Applicants will be asked to provide a project description as well as a proposed timeline and budget. Applications should demonstrate how the proposed curricular or experiential program, activity, or event will 1) contribute to the mission and vision for Vocation at the University of Dayton and connect with the Common Good and 2) directly impact University of Dayton students and, potentially, wider audiences.

Some helpful documents to review in relation to a vocation mini grant proposal:

Interested students, faculty and staff are welcome to contact the Vocation Mini-Grants team with any questions:

  • Adrienne Ausdenmoore, VIT Mini Grant Chair (Director, IACT) 229-5104
  • Joseph “Matt” Day, PT, PhD, OCS, CIMT (Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, School of Education and Health Sciences)
  • Chris Fishpaw (Director, Student Leadership Programs, Center for Student Involvement) 229-2000
  • Julie Huckaba (Financial Aid Counselor, Flyer Student Services)

Spring 2019 Awards

  • Vocation and Discernment - Colleen Brown & Br. Bandon Alana, SM
  • Vocation Retreat for Black Males - Aaron Witherspoon, Donnell Wiggins, William Coleman, Dustin Pickett, Sam Ortiz, Brian Jackson, Jimmy McLeod, Carlos Stewart
  • Chaminade Scholars Capstone Mini-Course - Chaminade Scholars
  • Essential Reflections - Jen Morin-Williamson
  • Fruitful Convos - Jen Morin-Williamson
  • A Day in the Life of Staff and Faculty - Caroline Waldron Merrithew, Lisa Borello, and Marcia Conohoo
  • Vocation on Location - Phyllis Bergiel
  • Connecting Students Through Zines - Logan Zinkon and Abby Hines

Fall 2018 Awards

  • Piloting Your Purpose - Amy Lopez-Matthews
  • Design Your Life - Adrienne Ausdenmoore
  • Pre-med International Immersion and Vocation Reflection - Zaiba Malik
  • Vocation and Immersion - Maria Ollier Burkett, Castel Sweet, Kelly Bohrer, Mary Nieber, and Matthew Witenstein
  • Hidden Gems - Chaminade Scholars
  • A Sacred Voice Is Calling - Angela Ann Zukowski

Vocation Implementation Team

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Dayton, Ohio 45469