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Increasing Student Response Rates

Tips on Increasing Student Response Rates

  • Set aside class time for students to complete SET online
  • “Prime” student participation by asking students in class by a show of hands how many plan on completing SET
  • Remind students early (2-3 weeks prior) that the time for SET is approaching
  • Remind students on multiple occasions to complete SET
  • Review with students how to complete SET online
  • Include evaluation period dates on the course syllabus
  • Talk to students about the importance of SET and explain how you and other instructors use student responses to improve their teaching and courses
  • Increase student engagement in the course: the greater the amount of faculty/student engagement in the course, the greater the response rates on SET
  • Reassure students about the confidentiality of the SET process

Login to SET

To access the SET click here and login: Link to CoursEval

Student Evaluation of Teaching