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Midterm Instructional Diagnosis

Note about Spring 2021 Midterm Instructional Diagnosis:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be offering in person MIDs for Spring 2021.  You can still gather MID feedback from your students by utilizing the Online MID tool in Isidore.  Below are instructions for adding the tool to your class sites and further information provided by the Office of eLearning's Online MID e-wiki can be found at this link.

How to add the Online MID tool to your Isidore sites:

  1. Navigate to your Isidore course site.
  2. Click on the Add Tool link in the course menu bar on your left.
  3. Expand the Supplementary Tools section by clicking on the heading.
  4. Check the box next to Online MID.
  5. Click on Continue.
  6. Click on Finish.
  7. The Online MID tool will now appear in the left-hand course menu.

Faculty who use the online MID tool are welcome to reach out to the LTC to discuss confidentially the results and how you might adjust your course. Contact Faculty Development at to set up a confidential consultation with someone in the LTC.

The LTC offers the Midterm Instructional Diagnosis (MID) twice a year, midway through both fall and spring semesters, as a tool for faculty to evaluate a course during the term.  The instructor can then use the feedback from students and the MID facilitator to make adjustments to the course that he or she deems appropriate. The MID is a confidential process between the instructor and facilitator, and as part of the process, both parties are required to meet before and after the MID takes place in order to prepare for and debrief the process.  For additional information, please see the digital brochure linked below.

If you have questions about the Midterm Instructional Diagnosis, please email Faculty development at

Please click below to access the digital brochure for more information on the MID process:

Midterm Instructional Diagnosis Brochure (PDF)

For a history of the MID and an explanation of the previous process, click below.

Midterm Instructional Diagnosis History (PDF)

Here are two videos that talk about how MID helps teaching:

How receiving a MID helps my teaching

How facilitating a MID helps my teaching


Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)
Confidential Consultations

Staff and faculty associated with the LTC are available for one-on-one confidential consultations on a wide variety of teaching and learning topics. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.


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