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Leadership UD


"LUD has provided me with the opportunity to grow personally, professionally, socially and spiritually. I believe each person experienced LUD in a different way. I will be hard-pressed to find these extremely inspirational sources, such as those provided by LUD, in the years to come."

"Meeting and getting to know others throughout the university who have very different job functions but very similar goals. Insight into areas of the university I had little knowledge of before this experience. A network of individuals that I feel comfortable asking work related questions and knowing that the confidentiality we experienced as a group will carry over after the cohort moves on. A new awareness and enthusiasm for my job and my relationships at work. Ideas, lots and lots of ideas!! Creative thinking. Sharing past experiences, learning from others. New ways to deal with old issues."

"To be surrounded by great people with great ideas all working towards a common goal and in support of The University of Dayton. It provided an opportunity to think and reflect on things I don’t normally allow myself to do in the midst of my normal workload."

"I learned about areas of the University that I never would have had the opportunity to learn about otherwise. I have established a support network of colleagues and friends that I believe will support me throughout my career. I enjoyed and learned a lot from the leadership chats with the various leaders at UD, many of whom I would not have had the opportunity to talk with in a small group other than this program."

"My expectation of LUD was to give me an opportunity to learn more about UD’s hierarchic, history and Catholic Marianist traditions. I also expected an opportunity to meet with and connect with other leaders/future leaders of the university to discuss the future direction of the University. LUD far exceeded my expectations."

"I expected that by participating in Leadership UD, I would build a network of colleagues and associates, gain a better understanding of UD from its current leadership and learn more about Leadership at UD as well as general leadership skills that I could apply to myself both personally and professionally to make me a better person as a whole. I feel that each was met and the experience is irreplaceable."

"The most valuable thing I learned: I am really glad to be here at UD. I am surrounded by some of the most talented, sincere, dedicated, and caring people I have ever met. I cannot imagine a better place to be."

"I have found most valuable the ability to listen to and to be exposed to individuals from all over campus, as well as to be able to share in their insights and gain an appreciation for the similarities and differences among us."

"I expected to learn more about the University, different leadership styles within the UD community, and to meet different people from across UD. I was very satisfied – happy to have come to know the many dedicated individuals who work throughout the University."


Leadership UD