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More Nomination Information for Deans and VPs

Sample Email Text to Send Nominee

Dear XXXX,

Congratulations! I’ve nominated you to participate in the Leadership UD program during 2020-2021.  I have chosen you because (insert reasons why here). You can read more about the program here - but I also encourage you to speak to (list one or two people from unit that have been through the program) to learn about their LUD experience and the benefits it provided for them both personally and professionally.

Your LUD experience  will officially start in September 2020 and run through the academic year. It kicks off with an overnight retreat and is followed by 11 sessions (5 hours each) on Friday afternoons spread across the academic year.

Please complete the required candidate profile form at this link.  The deadline for that information is February 14, 2020.

You will be contacted in the next month with an invitation to an informational session where you can learn more about the program, meet other nominees, and ask any questions. 

Thank you.

Profile of Ideal Nominee
Faculty and staff participation should be focused strategically on people with high leadership potential who can be seen making significant contributions to the University, and who would benefit from developing a cross-campus network of colleagues.  There is no expectation or requirement that people are or will become positional leaders-- we intend to cultivate leadership mindsets focused on influence. Cohorts are richest when they include people from a variety of backgrounds, positions and career stages.

This is not an orientation program for new employees, a “fix it” program for disgruntled employees, nor a reward for people for years of service.  It is an intentional program to develop leadership capacity to be applied in and beyond the classroom, in committee work, in difficult conversations, and within our departments, units and university, all in service to the University vision.
Importance of Faculty Nominations
Recruiting faculty for Leadership UD can be challenging. Regrettably, some may mistakenly see this as leadership or management training (which it is not), and therefore undesirable and unnecessary. First and foremost, Leadership UD is about relationship building and crossing unit boundaries to effect change, which is at the heart of our Marianist identity, as well as deeply valuable to leading.  Potential faculty reluctance could be lessened by your enthusiastic encouragement and assurance that this is valuable work that will enhance a faculty member’s connection to the university and effectiveness in and beyond the classroom.

Leadership UD would be most valuable to faculty who are on committees that tackle interdisciplinary issues; who are early in their appointment to a chair, associate dean or program director position; or who have shown future interest or potential to hold one of these positions and/or to be influential colleagues.
Participant Expectations and Cost

Optional activities during the summer allow the cohort to begin forming a sense of community.

Formal programming runs from September through April, beginning with a mandatory overnight retreat (Sunday, September 13 & Monday, September 14). Each participant is also required to prepare for and attend at least eight of the 11 scheduled Friday afternoon sessions.  Anything you can do to encourage commitment and participation would be greatly appreciated.

Units share in the program cost by contributing $1,250 per participant to cover a portion of the candidate's expenses in Leadership UD.  These funds help defray costs of books and materials, the retreat, selected speakers, meals, etc. It is also tapped to support continuing development of Leadership UD participants beyond their first year.


Leadership UD