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Leadership UD

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Fellows Program

Leadership UD aims to develop leadership capabilities and a leadership mindset among high-interest and high-potential UD employees, regardless of their career path. Each year, Leadership UD welcomes a new cohort of fellows, who were nominated by their dean or vice president. Each cohort is composed of a maximum of 24 faculty and staff fellows who represent different disciplinary traditions, career paths, educational backgrounds and units.

Over the course of an academic year, the fellows immerse themselves in two themes:

  • Exploration: Who we are as an organization.
  • Introspection: How they lead as individuals.

In each theme, time is also provided for reflection on how to continue one's leadership journey.

By exploring these topics with a cohort of peers from across campus, participants gain a more comprehensive view of our University, as well as learn, share and experience a wide range of issues from the perspective of a leader. At the conclusion of the program, 90 percent of participants reported a better understanding of UD’s systems, their own leadership strengths and the importance of building relationships to strengthen collaboration.

Program Structure

To support leadership growth, Leadership UD participants undertake a year of learning and discovery. 


The program begins with a mandatory two-day retreat, which is integral to the team and trust-building processes. During this off-site retreat, participants experience a variety of activities, learn about each other and begin to explore leadership topics.


We believe that insight and leadership development occurs when individuals understand and form connections among the institutional, professional and personal implications of what they are learning. To support that learning, Leadership UD fellows participate in 11 sessions (four hours each) over the course of the academic year.

Created and facilitated by the Leadership UD development team, the sessions focus on leadership at the University of Dayton, personal leadership and growth, and leadership in a changing world. The engaging and thought-provoking sessions contain a mix of presentations, discussions, small and large group exercises, one-on-one conversations, journaling, etc. 

Participants are expected to prepare themselves for each session by reading materials or completing other assignments. To successfully complete the program, fellows must attend a minimum of eight sessions; repeated absences not only detract from the participant's experience, but also adversely impact the entire cohort.

Leadership Chats 

During some of the sessions (or on a separate occasion), campus or community leaders are invited to talk with Leadership UD participants about their own career paths, what drew them into leadership, what have been the significant challenges and rewards of leadership, etc. These leaders are given a forum for reflecting out loud about their career choices, and participants are allowed to see - up close and personal - the human side of leadership. 

Leadership in Action 

One of the best ways to learn about leadership is to experience it firsthand. Leadership UD fellows are invited to attend University meetings (e.g. President’s Council, Provost’s Council, Board of Trustee meetings), University gatherings (e.g. Alumni Awards Dinners, promotion luncheons), and other community gatherings to see leadership in action.


Leadership UD