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Leadership UD

2018-19 Annual Report

Fellows Program

Each year, Leadership UD welcomes a new cohort of fellows, who were nominated by their dean or vice president. Through the Fellows Program, participants learn about the University, their own leadership style, and how to use their gifts and talents to influence and inspire others.


2018-19 Fellows

  • Jackie Arnold (School of Education and Health Sciences)
  • Tan Boston (School of Law)
  • Gerica Brown (School of Engineering)
  • David Claiborne (UDRI)
  • Becky Cook (Student Development)
  • Garry Crosson (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Kenya Crosson (School of Engineering)
  • Patrick Donnelly (Athletics)
  • Chris Fishpaw (Student Development)
  • Rhonda Havig (Advancement)
  • Jeanne Holcomb (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Rhonda Mercs (School of Education and Health Sciences)
  • Annette Mitchell (President's Office)
  • Scott Paeplow (President's Office)
  • Denise Rojas (School of Business Administration)
  • Kristina Schulz (University Libraries)
  • Matt Sierschula (Finance and Administrative Services)
  • Steve Smith (Provost's Office)
  • Laura Stevens (UDRI)
  • Amy Tanaka (Finance and Administrative Services)
  • Kim Trick (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Karen Velasquez (Provost's Office)
  • Donnell Wiggins (Enrollment Management)
  • Nicola Work (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Molly Walters (UDRI)

Being part of such a diverse cohort was crucial in impacting my cultural awareness.

2018-19 Cohort Member

Program Outcomes


2018-19 cohort members reported an increased understanding of:


Increased understanding that UD systems that can help influence change


Increased understanding of their own leadership strengths


Increased understanding of building relationships and community


Increased understanding of cultural and intercultural competence


Increased understanding of UD’s Catholic, Marianist mission and identity

LUD taught us, in the same way we are all educators, we are also all leaders. We can all make a difference.

2018-19 Cohort Member

Associates Program

Graduates of the LUD Fellows program are automatically inducted into the Associates Program, where they have the opportunity to attend sessions, continually engage with the University community and further their leadership development.

408 Leadership UD Associates (2000-2019)

  • 302 staff and 106 faculty
  • 172 male and 236 female

2018-19 Associates Sessions

  • Paddle with the River Stewards
  • Leadership Chat | John Mittelstaedt
  • Arena Tour | Neil Sullivan and Scott DeBolt
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Leadership Chat | Rodney Chatman
  • Leadership Chat | Shelley Inglis

Leadership UD