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Leadership UD

2016-17 Annual Report

Fellows Program

Each year, Leadership UD welcomes a new cohort of fellows, who were nominated by their dean or vice president. Through the Fellows Program, participants learn about the University, their own leadership style, and how to use their gifts and talents to influence and inspire others.


2016-17 Fellows

  • Joan Bauman (Finance and Administrative Services)
  • Phyllis Bergiel (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Jennifer Brancato (Library)
  • Colleen Brown (Campus Ministry)
  • Tony Caporale (School of Business Administration)
  • Veronica Champion (Student Development)
  • Anne Crecelius (School of Education and Health Sciences)
  • Wiebke Diestelkamp (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Dave Dunn (UDRI)
  • Mike Elsass (School of Engineering)
  • Mary Fisher (School of Education and Health Sciences)
  • Racqueal Gamble (Enrollment Management)
  • Beth Hart (UDit)
  • Steve Kendig (Finance and Administrative Services)
  • Mike Krug (Provost’s Office)
  • Denise Platfoot Lacey (School of Law)
  • Lindsay Maxam (Student Development)
  • Nancy Miller (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Mike O’Connor (UDRI)
  • Candise Powell (UDRI)
  • Cilla Shindell (University Marketing and Communications)
  • Todd Smith (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Denise Taylor (School of Engineering)
  • Krystal Warren (Athletics)

Leadership UD has opened my eyes to new opportunities in which I can contribute and make a major impact on campus

2016-17 Cohort Member

Program Outcomes


2016-17 cohort members reported an increased understanding of:


Increased understanding that UD systems that can help influence change


Increased understanding of their own leadership strengths


Increased understanding of building relationships and community


Increased understanding of cultural and intercultural competence


Increased understanding of UD’s Catholic, Marianist mission and identity

I learned about myself and my leadership style. But more important, I learned relationships, partnerships and collaboration with other departments are key in accomplishing goals.

2016-17 Cohort Member

Associates Program

Graduates of the LUD Fellows program are automatically inducted into the Associates Program, where they have the opportunity to attend sessions, continually engage with the University community and further their leadership development.

360 Leadership UD Associates (2000-2017)

  • 267 staff and 93 faculty
  • 151 male and 209 female

There were 278 session attendees; participants came from all 17 cohort years.

2016-17 Associates Sessions

  • Interior Lives of Exemplary Lay Leaders with Savio Franco
  • Accreditation Update with Carolyn Roecker Phelps
  • Engagement in Democratic Society through Marianist Lens with Bro. Ray Fitz, Sr. Laura Leming and Joe Valenzano
  • Strategic Visioning with Eric Spina and Michelle Pautz
  • Enrollment Management Update with Jason Reinoehl
  • Post-Valentine’s Day Gathering
  • The Role of the Dean with Kevin Kelly and Andy Strauss
  • Diversity and Inclusion with Larry Burnley and Patty Alvarez

Leadership UD