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The LTC follows dates set by Kennedy Union for reservations.  The dates are:

Summer Term: February 15
Fall Term: April 1
Spring Term: November 1


1. University departments

2. University faculty, staff and student organizations

3. Individual UD students, staff, and faculty

Learning Teaching Center Rooms

Forum 044

A large, dynamic meeting room in the LTC that can accommodate up to 30 people comfortably. It is a bright room with west-facing windows and a high ceiling. It features a pantry and an alcove that is ideal for serving food during meetings. Technologically, the Forum features a ceiling-mounted HD projector connected to a podium at the front of the room. The podium houses a computer workstation, additional laptop hookup, and cable TV, making the Forum ideal for multimedia presentations. The room is also equipped with a video conferencing system with Lifesize and that comes with 12 microphones; laptops and wireless access are available to support distributed use of technology. Movable tables and chairs can be easily configured into a variety of room set-ups.

Studio 042

An experimental classroom for inquiry-based teaching. Named for John O. Geiger, who served as University Provost from 1996 to 2001, it is a flexible classroom space that can accommodate 30 people comfortably. With its movable, collapsible tables and open space, the Studio can be used for classroom formats, large group discussions, or even small group discussions. Mobile white boards on ceiling tracks allow the space to be partitioned into small groups, each with a white board. The Studio is equipped with a projector connected to a podium which projects onto a SMARTboard with 2 pens, Blu-ray player, speakers, an additional laptop hookup, and Wireless Digital image capture. Data ports are available for connecting laptops, and the university's wireless network is accessible here.

TeamSpace 020

A meeting room for small to medium groups and can accomodate up to 18 people comfortably. This is an ideal location for committees and working groups to meet and strategize. TeamSpace is equipped with with a ceiling mounted HD projector connected to a notebook computer, and speakers. The room has flexible table and seating, and white boards are located along one wall. Laptops and wireless access are also available to support distributed use of technology.

Meeting Space 028

A room that features movable tables and chairs can be easily configured into a variety of room set-ups and can fit up to 20 people comfortably. The room is intended for team-based collaborative discussions, small seminars and training. It is not intended for academic classes. The room is equipped with a SMARTboard with 2 pens, Blu-ray player, and additional laptop hookups.  The room is also equipped with Lifesize for video conferences and it has 4 Lifesize microphones. Laptop computers are available for use in the room on request. The room is also equipped with white boards.

Conference Room 027C

A room that seats 8 people and is equipped with a flat screen, computer and white boards.

The Rotunda

An area of the LTC is a light, airy, flexible space ideal for poster presentations, gatherings, recitals, and other "meet-and-greet" occasions. There are comfortable chairs for relaxing on the outskirts of its large, tiled open space, with nearby data ports, electrical outlets, and wireless access available for anyone wishing to use a laptop. The Rotunda is equipped with an in-house speaker system connected to wireless and hand-held microphones and a CD player.

The Fireplace

An inviting, comfortable gathering spot for conversation or small group discussion, accommodating up to 8 people.

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