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Write Place FAQs

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No.  You may bring any writing assignment from any course. Write Place consultants can address writing assignments from all disciplines including a Biology lab report, a business marketing plan, or an English research essay.  Creative writing can also be addressed as well as essays for graduate school applications.

There is no limit to how often you leverage the service.

No.  During a consultation, you work one-on-one with a consultant.  We do not “fix” essays; we work with you to help you improve your writing and your skills as a writer. We do offer a Digital Drop Off option through Isidore if you would prefer to receive comments electronically. 

It is a good idea to have some questions in mind about your writing.  What are you most concerned about?  What do you hope to get out of the consultation session? It is also helpful to bring a hardcopy of your paper and the assignment sheet or writing prompt provided to you by your instructor.  You will be asked for your student ID number when you arrive.

Absolutely!  It is always helpful to brainstorm ideas with another person.  This is an important part of the writing process, often referred to as pre-writing.  Writing consultants are happy to help you generate ideas for your paper and share with you some writing strategies.

Writing consultants can assist with nearly any aspect of writing including organizing ideas, developing a thesis, clarifying or expanding points, developing evidence, following MLA or APA guidelines, and grammar.  Since consultants enjoy writing, they will often give you tips on how to enhance your writing process.

It is best to come to the Write Place in advance of your paper’s due date.  This ensures that the consultant can spend enough time to address your concerns.  Consultants will do their best to work with you given any time limitations.

Write Place consultants strive to improve your writing. Write Place consultants are not instructors; they will NOT predict or guarantee what grade you will receive. Please talk directly with your instructor for an assessment of your writing.


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