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Tutoring Sessions

What to Expect

"My experiences with peer-tutoring help me better understand the concepts being studied and how to become a better problem solver in those topics. They have really helped me by breaking down what I have been learning that seemed confusing to me at first."  - A CHM 123 and MTH 168 Student

  • Tutors are not instructors and not expected to know everything.  They have been recommended by professors and have been successful students in designated content areas. 
  • Tutoring is offered to help you benefit as much as possible from classroom instruction by providing opportunities to work with knowledgeable peers.
  • Students work individually with a Tutor or in small groups.  
  • Tutoring tends to be most effective when used proactively and regularly. Do not wait until the last minute.
  • Tutoring takes place in different locations across campus. These spaces are warm, inviting, and accessible for all learners. Bi-lingual Tutors are available on designated evenings.
  • Tutors may refer you back to your instructor, since content may not be covered in the same way for every class. 
  • Tutors may ask you to take a break and review what you have learned from the session. Giving your mind a rest is important to learning new concepts and methods.

Make the Most Out of Tutoring

  • Come to tutoring prepared. Complete as much of the homework or content in advance and mark the concepts or problems you do not understand. Write down at least 3 questions prior to your tutoring session.
  • It is important that you bring your class notes, book, syllabus, and other materials to the session. Having the appropriate material will help in your conversation with the Tutor.
  • If you have a preferred style of learning (i.e. visuals, talking it out, doing the problems by hand, etc.), let your Tutor know at the beginning of the session so that they can accommodate your preferences.
  • Ask your classmates if they are interested in joining you for tutoring. Your peers may be able to qualify your questions or challenges in context with the particular course or instructor.


Roesch Library
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1302