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Schedule a Tutoring Appointment

These instructions will show you how to schedule, update, and cancel Tutoring appointments using the Student Success Network (SSN).

REMEMBER: Follow these instructions as directed so that you do not create errors that result in your appointments being deleted.

  1. Visit to log into the University’s Student Success Network.
  2. In your Dashboard, click on a course in your Calendar to see if Tutoring is associated with that course.
  3. If so, click Schedule under the Tutor service and select the option for AppointmentsOnly Tutors who support the course you selected should be displayed.
  4. Review the times they are available and select the time you can be sure to attend.
  5. Write a brief description of what you are needing help with in this course so your Tutor can better prepare to support you.
  6. Once you’ve written your description, click Confirm.

You will receive an email and Google Calendar invitation with details regarding your appointment.

NOTE: Due to demand, we can only allow students to schedule one appointment at a time for each courser. Students are encouraged to work with their Tutor to schedule the next appointment.

Update or Cancel a Scheduled Appointment

  1. If you need to update an existing appointment, open the left-hand menu in the Student Success Network and select Upcoming.
  2. Select the appointment you wish to update and follow the prompts to edit the information.
  3. If you wish to cancel the appointment, simply click Cancel.

NOTE: Tutors spend a great deal of time preparing for upcoming sessions and cancellations cause them to forfeit that time when another student could have scheduled an appointment or the Tutor could have focused on their own studies.

REMEMBER: Frequent cancellations and no-shows may jeopardize your ability to use Tutoring services.

Contact for any questions related to Tutoring.

We look forward to seeing you soon!