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Student Testimonials

“UDI 055 has given me all the tools that I need in order to succeed… During class, we did an activity called semester at a glance and it’s been so helpful. If I hadn’t done that in class I would not have done it myself… The only way to succeed is if it comes from within.” –female, freshman, Discover Business

“I had to teach myself to be open to new strategies in order to reach the goals that I want… I truly believe that I am capable of great things, and I can honestly say that so far this class has helped me to realize even the slightest bit of my potential.” –male, freshman, Mechanical Engineering

“First semester, the social life of college got the best of me… I was exceeding in every aspect of college beside what’s most important, academics… Reminding myself of why I am here at UD is something I should do more often… I am a learner. I am now ready to learn my way through UD and my future to be able to reach every single one of my goals for life.” –female, freshman, Adolescent to Young Adult Education

“This semester I am attending far more classes than I did in previous semesters, meeting with professors, studying further in advance for tests to ensure understanding, and practicing better time management.” –female, sophomore, Discover Business

“During high school, it is difficult to decide whether I was a learner… This semester I have really focused on being more motivated to become a learner… A learner finds the value in learning himself and not circumnavigating work just to get the grade.” –male, sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

“In my planner, I have all my exams written down for the whole semester and I will write in my planner 'start studying' a week in advance for my exam day. Then once I start studying I first gather all material for the exam like homework, quizzes and pulling up any lecture PowerPoints and review guides if available.” -male, sophomore, Environmental Biology

“This course allowed me to examine my strengths, weaknesses, what I want, and what I need in order to succeed. I am thankful I took this course and explored different ways to handle stress, ways to study, and so much more.” –female, junior, Marketing

“Throughout high school and my first year at college I would not have classified myself as a learner… During my first meeting with my professor I made goals that I felt need to be accomplish to help me become a better learner… I am now understanding the information more than just memorizing the equations and when to use them.” –male, senior, Mechanical Engineering

“This semester I have accomplished a lot… I have been able to prove to myself that I am a smart person… I can do this. I am doing this. I will graduate.” –male, senior, Mechanical Engineering Technology


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