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LTC innovation Grants

LTC Innovation Grants

NOTE: To help support the significant faculty effort in designing or redesigning courses to support the implementation of the Common Academic Program, the LTC Innovation Grant program will not be offered for 2012-13.

2009 RFP

If you are a full-time faculty member or team lead by a full-time faculty, you are encouraged to apply for an LTC Innovation Grant. Up to six grants for a maximum award of up to $7,500 each will be granted. The LTC Innovation Grants exist to support proposals that promise to design, implement, and evaluate new modes of teaching and learning that are more effective and productive, and to support individuals as they work on projects to enhance the educational mission of UD. To be eligible for a grant, you do not have to be working in or with the Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center; but we hope that you take advantage of the resources of the LTC.

The maximum total for each award is $7,500, whether for an individual or a team. The money can be used for stipend or replacement allowance, remember a mandatory estimated benefit rate of 41.6% needs to be accounted for to cover benefits, and/or funds for the purchase of materials, equipment, technical services, or for student or clerical assistance directly related to the learning improvement process. If used as a stipend, this grant provides funds for faculty time and work. The stipend goes to faculty for work during a period of time when they are not under regular contract or the funds go to the department as a replacement allowance for faculty released during the regular contract year. Part-time faculty are welcomed to be a part of a team of faculty submitting a proposal – with the stipulation that the team leader is a full-time faculty member.

The UD Graduate School has made available funding to support two additional grant proposals that address issues pertaining to graduate education. These additional funds are intended to promote innovation in graduate-level courses and program development. The review process for the graduate-related proposals will be the same as that described for other LTC Innovation Grant applications, with a final funding decision made in consultation with the Dean of the Graduate School.



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