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LTC Grants - Habits of Inquiry and Reflection

Grant Opportunity: Advancing Learning Outcomes from "Habits of Inquiry and Reflection"

Note: This information is for archival purposes only. For a list of current grant opportunities, please visit our Grants and Awards page.

Proposals can be written by full-time faculty, staff and administrators.  Teams of faculty (including part-time faculty), staff and students are strongly encouraged to collaborate.


In 2006, the Marianist Education Working Group produced a report that provides a roadmap for undergraduate education at the University of Dayton in the Catholic and Marianist tradition.  Based on the collective input of faculty, staff and administrators, the “Habits of Inquiry and Reflection” document expresses the ideals of a UD undergraduate education in the form of seven learning outcomes.  Although some details may change during implementation of the report, the essential ideas expressed in the outcomes are established hallmarks of a UD undergraduate education and form the basis of the latest university learning assessment process.

The learning outcomes … are intended to function at the level of the common academic program.  They could be promoted in different ways, through different structures and activities, in the student’s major, in General Education and the Competencies programs, in co-curricular programming, and in learning experiences that transpire outside the formal curriculum.  They are not to be regarded as the exclusive responsibility of a limited segment of the university community.  Rather, they should shape all intentional planning for students’ educational experience in every division of the university.  The proposed outcomes do not necessarily map onto unique elements of the common academic program, and they do not exhaust the goals of the academic program for students.

Excerpted from “Habits of Inquiry and Reflection:  A Report on Education in the Catholic and Marianist Traditions at the University of Dayton”

In fall 2007, Provost Fred Pestello announced that he had again set aside Academic Excellence grant funds and was focusing the purpose of the funds for this round in order to stimulate new ideas that promote and forward these “Habits of Inquiry and Reflection” learning outcomes.  The Provost asked the Faculty Development Committee to develop guidelines and a selection process for distributing up to $100,000 in the form of grants to support projects that foster innovations connected with these learning outcomes.  These grants will be competitively awarded up to $20,000, although we anticipate most projects to request less.

Workshops Offered to Support Grant Writing

Workshops will be held in the LTC to help prospective grant applicants consider how best to submit a proposal. Workshop details will be forthcoming.



Deadline for preliminary applications:  Noon, Thursday March 13, 2008

(No late hand-ins accepted)

FDC review of preliminary applications available:  Monday March 17, 2008

Deadline for full applications:  Noon, Tuesday April 15, 2008

Funding decisions announced:  Friday April 25, 2008

Members of the Faculty Development Committee (2007-2008)

Janet Bednarek - History
Rex Berney - Physics
Mike Geary - Accounting
Sawyer Hunley - Counselor Education & Human Services / LTC Fellow
Art Jipson - Criminal Justice Studies / Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
Janet Herrelko - Teacher Education
Chuck Edmonson - Engineering Technology
Steve Gove - Management and Marketing
Molly Schaller - Counselor Education & Human Services / LTC Fellow
Andrea Seielstad - School of Law
Drew Murray - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering / Honors & Scholars
Kerrie Cross - Roesch Library
Steve Wilhoit - English / LTC Fellow
David Wright - Director of Curriculum Innovation & E-Learning
Deb Bickford - Associate Provost forAcademic Affairs & Learning Initiatives
Lora Butcher - Faculty Development Coordinator

Faculty Development