Office of Experiential Learning

The Office of Experiential Learning at the University of Dayton brings together a diverse array of experiential learning (EL) opportunities available to students at UD and serves as a coordinating space for EL innovation and collaboration. The Office partners with faculty and staff across campus to develop and promote EL both inside and beyond the classroom, stimulate research and scholarship on EL, and build EL communities of practice through curriculum consultations, presentations, and workshops on a variety of topics, including best practices for EL assessment and reflection. The Office also provides advising services and connects students to EL opportunities, peer advisors and faculty/staff mentors, as well as the space and resources they need to reflect on the meaning and value of EL for their education, vocation, and life aspirations. The Office brings together people who are passionate about the transformative power of experiential learning, and who are dedicated to the Marianist mission of educating the whole person, for service, justice, and peace.

What is Experiential Learning at UD?

Experiential learning at the University of Dayton is not just about participating in activities to put on a resume- it's a transformative learning process by which students address real human problems and needs, appreciate the interdependence of self and community, and discover higher purposes for life and work. Throughout this EL learning process, UD provides students with thoughtful preparation and support, including mentorship, opportunities for guided reflection and self-directed discovery, and the ability to apply knowledge and skills in new, diverse contexts.

The goal of EL at UD is to empower students to tell a unique, compelling, and holistic story about the connections between their education experiences inside and beyond the classroom; to articulate the meaning of their education journeys and envision how they will use these experiences to make an impact in the world and find their callings in life. Experiential learning, whether through community-engaged learning, project-based learning, mentored research opportunities, lab or field-based work, internships, co-ops, student employment, campus ministry cultural immersions, or participation in leadership programs, enables students to:

  • Connect with the strong Marianist and community spirit of UD

  • Experience personal growth and leadership development

  • Discover how to make a difference in the world for the good of humanity

  • Gain valuable hands-on professional experience

  • Develop intercultural awareness and understanding of diverse/global perspectives

  • Strengthen problem solving and teamwork abilities

For more information, visit our website: or contact Karen Velasquez, Director of Experiential Learning at or (937) 229-3906.

Photos by Maddy McCabe.

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