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Fall 2015 TAGS

Chinese Language Culture

Facilitated by Tim Kao, Center for International Programs

Tuesday, September 29 / 12:00 to 1:15 pm

KU 331

This session will provide a basic introduction to the Chinese language.  Participants will learn how the language evolved and how to pronounce words (particularly students’ names) more authentically.  Students from China will be invited to facilitate small group discussion and pronunciation exercises.  This session is offered through HR and is targeted towards staff but open to faculty.

Intercultural Documentary: American Textures

Facilitated by Merida Allen, Office of Multicultural Affairs & Chanel Wright, Center for International Programs

Tuesday, October 20 / 12:00 to 1:45 pm

KU 222

American Textures is a 80-minute feature documentary that follows six creative individuals of Black, White and Latino origin on a journey through diverse communities in the southern United States.  The journey pushes them to risk sharing their own stories, struggles and dreams.  The honest confrontations, powerful discoveries, and growing empathy between them create vibrant doorways through which these true heroes forge deeper understandings of themselves, each other and the world they live in.  A short facilitated reflection and discussion will be held following the film.  This session is offered through HR and is targeted towards staff but open to faculty.

Global Education Seminar, Chile & Peru: Faculty development through a year-long exploration of Chile and Peru and internationalization at the University of Dayton

Facilitated by Diana Cuy Castellanos Ph.D., R.D., Eric Street D.M., Jeremy Forbis Ph.D., Joseph Haus Ph.D., Karen Bartley Ph.D., Nadya Tanova Ph.D.

Monday, November 9th / 1:15-2:15 pm

LTC Meeting Space 028

Faculty engagement plays an essential role in the successful internationalization of a university. Participants in the fifth year of the Global Education Seminar: Chile & Peru, will share their experiences in the program. They will discuss the impact of the program, including sessions on campus and in Chile and Peru, on their professional and personal development, and their relationships with other faculty at UD, as well as their understanding of their roles in the internationalization of the university.

The Global Education Seminar serves as a key element for supporting academic units’ strategic plans for internationalization by broadening the pedagogical and scholarly horizons of faculty members. The program provides faculty with concrete, site-specific resources and relationships that can motivate and shape revision of the courses they teach, as well as inform additional international collaborations. This session is offered through the LTC Campus Conversations program and targeted to faculty but open to staff.

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