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Research Fellows Program

Research Fellows Program

The goal of the Research Fellows Program is to support the research efforts of tenure-track faculty through a series of workshops and presentations, mentorship, and peer support.  The fourteen faculty members selected to serve as Research Fellows each spring term meet roughly every other week in the Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center over two terms.  Some meetings will involve presentations that address topics such as effective research methodologies, campus resources for faculty researchers, how to obtain outside funding for research, how to decipher and act on reviewer comments, and how to avoid writer’s block.  At other meetings, Fellows will hear from noted speakers from across campus and outside the University.  Still other sessions will be devoted to a discussion of the Fellows’ work in progress.

By the end of the spring term, every Research Fellow will have designed (and perhaps begun to implement) a research project he or she can continue to pursue over the summer or will have made substantial progress on an on-going research project.  Each group of Fellows  reconvenes in the fall to report on the status of their research projects and explore ways to publish or otherwise disseminate the results of their work.

As part of their appointment, Fellows are required to report on the results of their research at a Faculty Exchange Series session or other appropriate campus venue, discuss their experiences and findings with the following group of Fellows, and support future Fellows in their research efforts.

Deans annually nominate faculty to participate in the program.


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