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Cohort Programs

Cohort Programs

Associate Professor Inquiry, Reflection and Exploration is a program for nominated associate professors across the curriculum which provides an opportunity for critical self-examination of professional aspirations post-tenure.


The E-Learning Fellows program brings together a cohort of 12 faculty members through face-to-face and online meetings to learn how to create and deliver high-quality online courses.  The program culminates with each participant developing a complete online or hybrid course that meets uniform, high-quality standards.

E-Learning Fellows
Leadership UD is a year-long program for nominated faculty and staff designed to cultivate leadership capabilities and a leadership mindset among high interest/high potential UD employees.

Leadership UD

This seminar involves pre-tenure faculty from across the curriculum who meet regularly for a year to reflect on and discuss their research plans, learn more about support for research at UD, and hear from speakers addressing research-related topics.  

Research Fellows

The Studio Fellows for Teaching Innovation program centers on an experimental classroom in the LTC Studio for inquiry-based teaching.  It is a place where faculty try new pedagogies and technologies, and share their experiences with other faculty in a collaborative and supportive setting.   

Studio Fellows

Chair-approved faculty in their second to seventh year of teaching at UD are invited to join this year-long community of practice which includes a series of seminars, classroom visitations, and conversations about pedagogy.

Teaching Fellows

Faculty Development