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What is ASPIRE?

AsPIRE is an acronym for Associate Professor Inquiry, Reflection, and Exploration and serves as the title for a year-long, ten session seminar intended to provide a cohort of tenured associate professors from across the curriculum an opportunity to critically examine and more clearly define their professional aspirations at the University and to develop the skills, confidence, and understanding necessary to make productive, more fulfilling choices in their career paths.  Each faculty cohort explores and reflects on possible opportunities, roles, and goals available to them in the areas of teaching, research, and service; charts a course of professional development that best suits their talents, ambitions, and passions in light of the University’s mission; and supports each other’s growth toward self-fulfillment and a clarity of purpose.  The seminar is capped at fifteen participants per year.

The seminar is open to any associate professor at the University of Dayton.  Participants are expected to commit themselves to attending every session; making the seminar a priority in their schedules; completing all assigned reading and writing activities; exploring all course material and engaging in all seminar discussions sincerely, openly, and honestly; and serving as a supportive peer.

Program Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing the Aspire program, participants will:

(1) create a set of specific, personal short- and long-term teaching, research, service, and leadership goals;

(2)create a professional development plan that will help them achieve these goals;

(3)articulate a set of strategies for achieving and maintaining personal well being while achieving these goals;

(4)explain how their plans for personal and professional development contribute to the University’s, unit’s and/or department’s mission; and

(5)agree that their participation in the program has helped them reexamine and better define their personal and professional development goals.


Faculty Development