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Integrated Learning-Living Communities

Women in Science and Engineering

The Women in Science and Engineering Integrated Learning-Living Community (WISE) is a community of STEM students who take classes together, live together and have fun together. WISE is designed to advance women in STEM by encouraging an inclusive community where all students, regardless of gender, can participate and feel welcome.

As a student in WISE, you’ll take classes with fellow WISE members to provide a platform for collaborative academic exploration, discussion and support. You will interact with science and engineering faculty, upper-level students and STEM professionals. Through the WISE ILLC, you will be surrounded by a support system of other STEM students while building personal and professional networks that last a lifetime.

Students: Open to all STEM majors such as sciences, mathematics, engineering and health science, regardless of gender, who are committed to the mission of advancing women in STEM.

ILLC Coordinators: Beth Hart

ILLC Faculty: Garry Crosson, Beth Hart

CHM 123 (General Chemistry), CHM 123L (General Chemistry laboratory) and/or EGR 103 (Engineering Innovation), depending upon the specific major.

These courses will fulfill graduation requirements specific to your major.

  • Interact with women faculty, upper level students, and professionals in science and engineering (speakers, networking events, socials)
  • Opportunity to participate in a peer mentoring program to build connection,
    confidence and community with others who share common identities and
  • Discuss topics related to women in science and engineering
  • Participate in planning and executing a Girl Scout badge event on campus for first and second graders
  • Participate in community building, service and social events


Learning-Living Communities

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