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Integrated Learning-Living Communities

Sustainability, Energy and the Environment

The Sustainability, Energy and the Environment ILLC is for students of any major.  You’re invited to think critically about the myriad approaches to sustainability, energy, and the environment by integrating material from several different disciplines throughout two semesters.  Humanities Commons courses will share readings and attend events together, and students and faculty in all of the courses will interact and integrate activities.  The first-year seminar features guest lecturers from across the University and also includes community leaders, giving you the opportunity to explore sustainability, energy, and environmental themes from different points of view and to contribute your own ideas through projects and student-initiated events. The SEE ILLC is part of UD’s Sustainability, Energy and the Environment Initiative.

Students: Open to all students unless restricted by major.

ILLC Coordinator: Leanne Jablonski FMI

ILLC Faculty: Gillian Halusker Cooley, Diane Dunham, Laura Eloe, Zachary Piso

Shared Courses:  PHL 103 (Introduction to Philosophy) & REL 103 (Introduction to Religious and Theological Studies)  fall semester and an interdisciplinary First-Year Seminar during the spring semester.

Graduation Requirements: These courses meet graduation requirements.

Community Activities:

  • Teach-Ins on current environmental issues (e.g. Gulf Oil Spill, Land Stewardship & Energy Use, Tsunami Impacts, Resource Extraction Choices)
  • Guest speakers who are environmental leaders from different majors and programs, including UD students, staff, and faculty, plus Dayton community members and experts such as authors Doug Fine and David Suzuki
  • Field trip to nearby Yellow Springs for a guided hike of the Glen Helen and Clifton Gorge nature preserves and a tour of the historic town, straw bale homes, and Young’s Dairy
  • Tour a local landfill, urban gardens, and farm to learn about sustainability from a different perspective
  • Service-learning, nature hike, and retreat opportunities at the 100 acre Marianist Environmental Education Center land restoration site
  • Discover the Miami Conservancy District and the history of Dayton’s relationship with the Great Miami River
  • Interact with student environmental organizations and student leaders on campus (eg. Sustainability Club, Rivers Institute Stewards, ETHOS) through educational discussions, socials, and service projects)
  • Participate in Environmental Sustainability Week events such as ‘Dorm Blackout Competition,’ Local and Organic Foods Dinners, and film viewings about the environment such as Carbon Nation and Gasland
  • Share your sustainability ideas through the SEE ILLC Writing Project in the fall and team projects and presentations on Creating a Sustainable UD at the April Stander Symposium Day of Alternative Learning
Meet Our Coordinator

Adjunct Faculty; HSI Scholar for Faith and the Environment

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