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Integrated Learning-Living Communities

Curiosity in the Classroom

How do we learn about the way things work and the natural world around us? How do teachers of grades K-8 foster curiosity in their students? The Curiosity in the Classroom ILLC seeks to explore these questions by bringing together courses in both the sciences and teacher education, as well as providing you with opportunities to meet current school science teachers, travel to science discovery museums and centers, and discuss teaching science to children. This ILLC is designed for future teachers, and it seeks to make direct connections between the science that you are learning and the science you will be teaching. The instructors of the science courses in this ILLC will model current best practices in teaching, including inquiry-based learning.

You will have the opportunity to take part in several common events and experiences that will help to enhance your preparation as a future teacher.

Open to teacher education students in Early Childhood Education, Intervention Specialist, and Middle Childhood Education/Intervention Specialist.

ILLC Coordinators: Mary Kay Kelly and Said Elhamri

ILLC Faculty: Said Elhamri, Elizabeth Engelhardt, Susan Ferguson, Kathryn Kinnucan-Welsch, Novea McIntosh, Rochonda Nenonene and Randall Schaurer

Shared Courses: EDT 109 (Personal Aspects of Teaching), SCI 190 (The Physical Universe), and SCI 190L (The Physical Universe Lab) during the fall semester, and EDT 110 (The Profession of Teaching), EDT 110L (The Profession of Teaching Lab), and GEO 204 (Geology for Teachers) during the spring semester.

Graduation Requirements: These courses meet graduation requirements for teacher education majors.

Community Activities:

  • Observe science lessons from current school teachers during Meet a Teacher nights
  • Take a field trip to the Boonshoft Museum of Science and Discovery
  • Visit the Challenger Center for an “Encounter Earth” program
  • Watch movies and discuss teaching science to children
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