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Integrated Learning-Living Communities

Curiosity in the Classroom

“Being in the CIC ILLC has truly been the best introduction to education I could have asked for. .... It has really enhanced my identity as a person and as a teacher.” (2021 Participant)

The Curiosity in the Classroom (CIC) Integrated Learning and Living Community (ILLC), is designed specifically for Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5, Middle Childhood/Intervention Specialist and Intervention Specialist Education majors. The CIC ILLC brings together faculty members from education and the natural sciences to work toward a common goal: Support our education majors through a required science course (SCI 190 The Physical Universe) and empower them with confidence to teach regardless of their concentration. Based on feedback from participants and the high attendance at the co-curricular activities, the CIC ILLC has been highly successful in achieving its goal. 

As part of the CIC ILLC, you will have the opportunity to take a required science course in a supportive community of other education majors. You will have additional resources, the support of teacher education students who have participated in previous years and the opportunity to work with exceptional practicing teachers from different disciplines.

Students: Open to teacher education students in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5, Middle Childhood/Intervention Specialist, and Intervention Specialist Education majors

ILLC Coordinators: Mary Kay Kelly and Said Elhamri

ILLC Faculty: Said Elhamri, Rochonda Nenonene, Randall Schaurer

Testimonials that provide a glimpse of the experiences of past participants:

  • “I am so glad that I clicked that button in the summer and agreed to be a member of the [CIC] ILLC this semester.” 
  • “I didn’t realize how important being a part of the CIC ILLC would end up being to me when I signed up, but I’m very glad I did.”
  • “The ILLC experience was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Coming into freshman year, I was reluctant about surrounding myself with only people in my major. I was worried that I would struggle making close friends because everyone would be similar. However, the second week of school I knew that I was in the best situation”
  • “The ILLC events were not what I had expected them to be. They were more than I had expected. I realized very quickly from the speakers that I was meant to be a teacher, and I am in the right hands at this school.”
  • “I think last night’s event was very eye opening. Each ILLC speaker that we have had has genuinely reassured me that teaching is what I want to do. Last night was no different”.
  • “I loved the event last night! It really made me start to think of the actual reasons why I want to be a teacher and come up with a plan to follow that passion!” 

EDT 109 (Personal Aspects of Teaching), SCI 190 (The Physical Universe), and SCI 190L (The Physical Universe Lab) 

These courses meet graduation requirements for teacher education majors.

  • Start the year off with a pizza party or ice cream social
  • Enjoy pizza as you observe science lessons from current school teachers during Meet a Teacher nights
  • Take a field trip to the Boonshoft Museum of Science and Discovery
  • Watch movies and discuss teaching science to children

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