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Integrated Learning-Living Communities

Business Honors

Are you an Honors Program student majoring in business? Are you interested in developing a close-knit community with other first-year students who are majoring in business? Do you want to connect with business faculty and staff inside and outside of the classroom? Do you want to learn more about leadership and professional development from local business leaders and Fortune 500 companies? If so, then the Integrated Living and Learning Community (ILLC) for Business Honors is for you.

Business Honors community members are residence hallmates (Living) and classmates in a members-only Fall section of honors BIZ 201 – Introduction to Business (Learning). Additionally, Business Honors ILLC members have access to professional development and social opportunities tailored to first-year business students.  

We look forward to getting to know you.

Students: Open to all School of Business Administration majors in the Honors Program.

ILLC Coordinators: Joseph Krella and Matt Little

ILLC Faculty: Joseph Krella 

BIZ 201 – Introduction to Business (Honors)

This course will fulfill graduation requirements specific to your major.

  • Develop close bonds with fellow Honors Business students through time spent together in the classroom, residence halls, and professional development activities.
  • Foster deep relationships with business faculty and staff leading the Business Honors ILLC.
  • Learn more about professional skills and expectations from campus experts and guest speakers from local Fortune 500 companies.
  • Enjoy community building and social networking opportunities with fellow ILLC members.

Meet Our Coordinators

Director, Internships & Corporate Relations

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