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Intergroup Dialogue

Intergroup dialogue is a process of facilitated conversation through which a group of participants explores over a period of time critical issues through the lens of differing social identities. Intergroup dialogues can be organized in terms of race, gender, socioeconomic class, religion, nationality, or any other social identity.  With the help of the facilitators, participants move through a multi-stage process whereby they build trust, reflect on their experiences, and create an environment in which they can explore critical social issues.  As participants move through these stages, they build their capacity to examine the complex interplay between power and social identity.  The process culminates with helping participants to explore ways of building alliances among diverse social identities.  As such, intergroup dialogue is a powerful mechanism for grassroots democracy, community-building, and social justice.

UDI 269 Intergroup Dialogue

UDI 269 Intergroup Dialogue is a one-credit hour mini-course that students can take to participate in an intergroup dialogue over several weeks.  Each section of the course encourages dialogue between two or more social identity groups and explores critical issues facing people who hold those identities in today's society.  Examples of intergroup dialogues that we are considering might focus on the experiences of Catholics and non-Catholics, Christians and Muslims, Blacks and Whites, domestic and international students, or men and women.  

Through their participation in UDI 269, students will:

  • Gain an understanding of their own social identities
  • Develop an appreciation for the social identities of their fellow participants
  • Appreciate in a deeper and more comprehensive manner the workings of power in contemporary society
  • Engage in conversations about important topics in today's society in a space that promotes mutual understanding, collaborative inquiry, and critical thinking
  • Build relationships that allow them to work with others across social identity groups

The Dialogue Zone expects to offer one or more sections of UDI 269 Intergroup Dialogue in the Fall 2023 Semester.  If you are interested in participating, email us at  


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