Name & Title
Image for Ione T Damasco

Ione T Damasco

Associate Professor; Coordinator of Cataloging

Email: Ione T Damasco

Phone: 937-229-4238

Full-Time Faculty
Libraries: Cataloging
Image for Michele Devitt

Michele Devitt

Curatorial Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator

Email: Michele Devitt

Phone: 937 229-4213

Libraries: Marian Library
Image for Gloria Falcão Dodd

Gloria Falcão Dodd

Director of Academic Programs, International Marian Research Institute

Email: Gloria Falcão Dodd

Phone: 937-229-1431

Full-Time Faculty
Libraries: IMRI
Image for Jane A Dunwoodie

Jane A Dunwoodie

Assistant to the Dean

Email: Jane A Dunwoodie

Phone: 937-229-4266

Libraries: Deans Office
Image for Michael Duricy

Michael Duricy

Coordinator of Academic Program

Email: Michael Duricy

Phone: 937-229-1474

Libraries: IMRI
Image for Hector Escobar

Hector Escobar

Associate Professor; Director of Education & Information Delivery

Email: Hector Escobar

Phone: 937-229-5141

Full-Time Faculty
Libraries: Reference and Instruction
Image for  Deyanira Flores

Email: Deyanira Flores

Phone: 937-229-4214

Libraries: IMRI
Image for Heidi Gauder

Heidi Gauder

Professor; Coordinator of Research & Instruction

Email: Heidi Gauder

Phone: 937-229-4259

Full-Time Faculty
Libraries: Reference and Instruction
Image for Nancy Gerhard

Email: Nancy Gerhard

Phone: (937) 229-4214

Libraries: Marian Library, IMRI
Image for Olivia Gillingham

Olivia Gillingham

Library Specialist

Email: Olivia Gillingham

Phone: (937)-229-4299

Libraries: Marian Library

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