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Notary Services Available from Office of Legal Affairs

Important Information Regarding Notary Services

Prior to Services -

Please be aware:

  • Do not sign any documents that need notarized before arriving to the Office of Legal Affairs. The notary must witness your actual signing of the document.
  • You must bring with you a current, government issued photo identification.
  • Our office is unable to execute online or electronic notarizations. We do not perform apostille services.

Services for University of Dayton Employees and Students

The Office of Legal Affairs is able to provide notary services for our faculty, staff, and students.

If you are in need of notary services, please make an appointment by e-mailing: Please state what type of document or article needs notarizing in your e-mail. Our office also offers open office hours for notary services every Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM and from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM. During the open office hours, please note that University-related business must take precedence.

In order for our office to notarize a document, you must bring with you a current, government-issued photo identification and a copy of your unedited document. The notary must be able to clearly validate your identify. It may be beneficial to bring a second copy of your document with you to your appointment.

Our office does not provide online or electronic notarizations, nor apostille services, and we are unable to notarize original documents. If you require online or electronic notarizations, the Montgomery County Clerk of Courts office offers these services to the general public. Information is available at the Montgomery County Clerk of Courts website, on their "Help Center" webpage, under the "Notary" tab. Apostille services should be directed to Flyer Student Services.

If you are unable to make an appointment with a notary in our office during our operating hours, your personal bank, credit union, or local Bureau of Motor Vehicles may have personnel available to provide notary services.

Notary Process

You must meet with the notary in person. Please arrive to your appointment on time. Provide the notary assisting you with your unsigned document and your photo ID. The notary will review your document and its purpose to verify that it is able to be notarized. The notary will verify your identity. The notary will verify that you understand the document. You will fill in any missing information on your document. If necessary, the notary will ask that you give an oath or affirmation to the effect that the document to be notarized is true and accurate. If affirmed, you will sign your document. The notary will sign, date, and stamp your document.


If you have additional questions, please e-mail your inquiry to:



Office of Legal Affairs

St. Mary's Hall
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