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Planning Your Event

Student Event Planning

Planning an event? Please read the policies, guidelines and resources provided as you begin to plan your event.


Check the Master Calendar and the Events page for open dates.


Fill out and submit an Event Registration Request.
You must be logged in with your UD gmail account to submit. Your event is not approved until you receive a response from our event managers via email.

Event Planning Checklist

Up to One Week Prior to Event

  1. Plan event with committee, group or organization
  2. Check Master Calendar and Events list for open dates and times.
  3. Submit a Event Registration Request asking for your proposed event date.
    You must be logged in with your UD gmail account to submit. Your request will be sent to an event coordinator for date approval. You will receive a follow-up email if your request is approved. If it is denied, you will be provided with suggestions for other dates or options. Please ask the event coordinator if you have any questions.
  4. Invite speakers or distinguished visitors. Note their contact information and keep it with you on the day of the event.
  5. Invite guests. You may set up a form in Google Drive to collect RSVPs if desired.
  6. Please contact for more information on how to promote the event through approved School of Law channels.
  7. Order catering if required.
  8. Schedule a photographer if required.
  9. Order approved event favors or goodies. Please note estimated delivery dates when ordering.
  10. Order parking passes here.
  11. Submit to the event coordinator a table and chair setup form for the reserved space no less than one week prior to event.
  12. Prepare meeting agenda.
  13. Schedule A/V set-up and/or support if needed. Contact the Technology Support Office at 937-229-4783 or by email.
  14. Designate an escort for the guest speaker and/or distinguished visitor.

Day of Event
Ensure that you have your cell phone with you so that you can be reached at any time for questions.

  1. Confirm arrival time of speaker, caterer, photographer or any other services. 
  2. Confirm reserved space is setup correctly. Test A/V equipment or presentation set-up.
  3. Confirm responsibilities with group or organization.
  4. Coordinate arrival of guest speaker and escort speaker to and from event.
  5. Clean up area after event has ended. The cleaning staff will empty trash receptacles.


  1. Send a thank you letter to the speaker.
  2. Plan follow-up meeting with group or organization to discuss the event and any issues.
    - Create action plan for resolution on any pending issues.
    - Follow through on completing resolutions.
    - Save all event notes and plans for future use.

Parking on Campus

Visitor and event parking information can be viewed here. You must request parking passes for your guests/visitors here: Parking pass request form.

Housekeeping Guidelines

Those using Keller Hall spaces are responsible for cleaning the space after the event and returning furniture to its original setup. The cleaning staff will empty trash receptacles.

Food and drinks are limited to areas approved for its use as listed on the Event Registration Request.

  • Food and drinks are not permitted in any classroom or the Heck Courtroom.
  • No food may be brought into the Zimmerman Law Library or Library study rooms (including evenings and weekends).
  • Drinks may be brought into the Library in lidded, hard plastic containers with apertures for drinking.
  • Only water may be brought into the Library in plastic bottles with screw off caps.

School of Law

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